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  • Did you know....Termites and roaches are actually related. In fact there was once a species of roach that ate wood.
  • Did you know....If a 175 lb. man could lift as much as an ant, he would be able to lift 4 tons.
  • Did you know....Some entomologists believe there are 2 tons of termites for every person on the planet.
  • Did you know....Fire ants can find their way back to the nest in complete darkness. They consume tiny amts. of magnetite which functions as an internal compass.
  • Did you know....8% of the population is actually allergic to roaches and you are 3 times more likely to have asthma problems if you have roaches.
  • Did you know....African weaver ants haul 1000 times their weight up trees with the aid of large adhesive pads on their feet.
  • Did you know....Most of the methane gas on the planet is produced by termites.
  • Did you know....Entomologists believe if it weren't for termites and ants breaking down tree and grass material, we would be several meters deep in decaying vegetation.
  • Did you know....Bed Bugs were once more common than roaches and were virtually eliminated from the U.S. by 1940 but have come back stronger than ever.


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