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Things You Can Do To Pest Proof Your House

  • Check packages to be sure you don't bring pests from the store.
  • Don't keep open food containers in cabinets. Transfer to tight fitting containers.
  • Keep garbage in covered containers, Preferably outside your house.
  • Make sure screens and doors are tight fitting and in good condition.
  • Always clean up any spills or food as quickly as possible.
  • Close holes around any pipe openings such as around kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Trim back trees that overhang the home and make sure no branches touch the house.
  • Maike sure crawl spaces and attics are dry and well ventilated.
  • Be consistant with flea treatments and flea programs suggested by your vets.
  • Avoid bright lighting at night that draw pests and their predators to your home.
  • Don't leave pet food out uneaten in bowls especially if pets are fed outside.

Strategies To Prevent Bed Bugs

  • Never bring in used furniture. Half the cases we see are from that.
  • Internet search motels for bed bug reports & reviews from other visitors.
  • Inspect rooms you stay in for bugs and staining on mattresses.
  • Leave luggage in garage & away from bedrooms when returning.
  • Bring clothing back in plastic bags & wash before you bring back in.
  • Store luggage in motels away from beds & put in drawtight plastic bags.
  • Consider using duffel bag luggage that can be put in a dryer on return.
  • Don't treat luggage with repellent chemicals when returning home.
  • Be aware of visiting guests & where they have been before your home.
  • Get encasements for your beds at home for detection & prevention on return.


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