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For most General Pest Control treatments: Very little preparation is involved other than simple things like putting away children's toys, keeping pets confined, etc. It is always a good idea to leave the home for a short while following treatment to let the home air, particularly with small children or if aerosols are used. An added precaution in homes with expectant mothers, or any with health issues, first check with their doctors before treatment and follow any additional advice.

For German Cockroach treatments: It is important to treat inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets so the items will need to be removed and stored away from the counters. The easiest way to do this is to get a few empty cardboard boxes, fill them with the items, and slide them away from the kitchen or bathroom. On return, slide them back to the cabinets and refill the cabinets. Aerosols are always used so plan on people and pets leaving for 2-3 hours. On return, things can be put back either face up in cabinets or with new shelf paper. Sweeping up dead insects is fine but do not wash out cabinets.

For Flea treatments: Most flooring and some furniture is sprayed so everything should be off the floors except furniture. This includes under beds. Thorough vaccuming helps to hatch newly developed fleas. Empty the vaccum cleaner as it is possible to have fleas in it. Everyone (people and pets) should be gone until things dry which can take several hours and sometimes all day. The home should be ventilated on return. Under no circumstances should people or pets contact wet surfaces. Also make notes of possible hot spots where the pets spend time, either on the floor or on furniture or under furniture and then give us that information when we arrive.

For Bed Bug treatments: Bed bug treatment more than any other require strict cooperation with the customer. There is a lot of preparation to do. Follow this link for a step by step process for treatment and a discussion of misconceptions, prevention strategies and of heat treatments.

[Detailed discussion on bed bug treatment]

Straight Talk From The Exterminator

Here are some facts that you won't hear from most exterminators. First, we don't have magic, secret and dangerous chemicals that aren't available to the public. Virtually everything we use is available to people online or in some form in local stores. Secondly, we don't have magic, secret and dangerous chemicals that will keep killing bugs for months or years. All chemicals used today are approved by the EPA and are designed to break down so they do not persist in the environment. When you see ads by pest control companies or manufacturers that imply their products last a year, they are being deceptive. Finally in addition, we don't have magic, secret and dangerous chemicals that are hazardous to you and your family. Every chemical used today is tested and tested again. When used properly they are very safe and the fact is, many household cleaners are or can be more dangerous.

What we do have is a knowledge of which chemicals work in which situations and what form of those chemicals to use. We know the habits of the pest you are dealing with and we know where the pests are likely to be, breed or hide and where they are not likely to be. We have knowledge of the latest technology and methods to get results as quickly as possible. We have learned from study and years of experience how to approach your problem and we will not give up until it is solved. We know what changes to make in your situation to help prevent a problem from returning. When you call us, you are not hiring a magic, secret and dangerous chemical, you are hiring someone who has solved thousands of problems just like yours.

What can you expect after we come

Most pest problems are resolved immediately after a job is done. In addition, there is residual activity to most of the treatment materials so insects that come into the treatment area or come out of hidden harborage areas will die several weeks following a visit. Some of the chemicals are growth regulators that affect development of insects so you may see some insects that appear misshapen in appearance. Some insects have the ability to remain hidden for long periods and may require follow up treatments. The most common to need a follow up are moderate to severe Flea, German Roach and Bed Bug cases. The best time to do that is usually about 3 weeks from the original treatment. We will discuss this with you more before we do any work.


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